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Supergroup’s range of Kubota articulated wheel loaders and wheel loaders in Melbourne are suitable for a wide range of applications across many industries thanks to their dynamic design, advanced features and numerous attachments. Take a look at the Kubota articulated wheel loaders and wheel loaders that cater to your specific requirements.

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Our range of new and used Kubota wheel loaders are guaranteed to provide reliability, operator comfort, durability and a long component life, no matter what your material or handling job is.

Kubota Wheel Loaders for Sale

Super Groups is a premium supplier of Kubota wheeled loaders for sale, which are designed to deliver optimal performance across a wide range of applications. The machines are known for being agile, powerful and ultra versatile. Kubota have been supplying loaders to Australia for almost 40 years, and they offer an exceptional support and parts supply system that is second to none.

New and Used Models

Are you looking for wheel loaders for sale used? You’ve come to the right place. At Super Groups, we supply a range of brand new and used wheel loaders, ensuring that you are able to find the ideal machine to suit your specific job needs and your budget. Each used front end loader in Melbourne has been carefully inspected to ensure it has been well maintained over its lifetime.


If you are interested in a wheel loader for sale in Melbourne, we are sure that you are interested in the range of features that they offer.

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