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Super Group’s range of Toku hydraulic rock breakers is available in mini, mid and large sizes to ensure that they will fit any excavator. Whether you require one for demolition, construction, quarry or production breaking projects, we are sure that these attachments will help you to get the most from your machine. We encourage you to look through our range to find your ideal fit.

Our range of Toku hydraulic rock breakers for sale is the perfect accompaniment for any demolition, quarrying, construction or production breaking project. They will help you to maximise the versatility of your excavator.

Toku Rock Breakers

We are a premium supplier of breakers from Toku, who has been producing these high quality products for over 60 years now. The brand has a long history of basing the design of their machines and attachments on customer input, ensuring that their most pressing needs are met with ease and finesse. Super Groups is eager to share this quality with our own clients.


Our range of breakers offers a number of features that are sure to enhance their performance.

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